Sarah Skorecki

Shoe designer

I studied fine arts and fashion clothing in Geneva which led to me completing courses
in beautiful fashion houses, such as Christian Lacroix and Nina Ricci.

At Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, I discovered the world of accessories,
especially shoes, and met Rodolphe Ménudier, who later supported me for my Master of Arts.

In 1998, I became the assistant of Parisian shoe designer, Michel Perry.
He gaves me the tricks of creation and of Italian manufacture.

After this experience in women's shoes, I specialised in children's shoes
in a brand with a strong reputation, Kickers France.
I discovered the magical world of Child and Baby, the creation of molded soles personalised,
European and Asian manufacturing and control of technical constraints.

In 2009, I decided to become independent and take advantage of my diverse experience
and design for children and women.

I'm self-driven, creative and dedicated and understand quickly the identity of each brand
that I work with and ensure that it is represented in my work.
I'm interested in getting new collaborations with Women's and Children's footwear.